Cast of Characters

Eleanor Queen of Hearts
Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England have come to celebrate their recent nuptials at the Hoggetowne Faire, however the festivities are cut short when Eleanor’s ex, Louis VII of France arrives and announces his intent to destroy Hoggetowne and all that Eleanor holds dear. Will the couple be able to overcome Louis’ forces and enjoy the honeymoon they’ve been dreaming of?

Thieves Guild Cast of Characters

The English
Queen Eleanor: Sophia Skoglund
King Henry: Brandon Cotter
Count Eustace of Bologne: Dakota Woodruff
Harold the Herald: Solomon Wells
Lady Alice: Lindsey McIntosh
Lady Ann of Gloucester: Amanda Gattshall
Lawrence of London: Stuart Housden
Lord Hue de Morville: Allan Thompson
Ru-Lin: Aja Ragasa
Dame Constance: Tori Moore
Dame Elizabeth: Mollie Lassiter
Dame Rosalind: Shannon Singley
Sir Duncan: Ryan Booth
Sir John: David Rupp
Sir Lady: Miranda Lipsig
Sir Percy: Chris Rodd
Sir William Marshall: Jackson Kisshauer
Steve the Squire: Alex Rupp
The Monk: Fred Dinsmore
Ru-Lin: Aja Ragasa
Cuthbert The Mighty: Jack Broadbent
Bob the Squire: Carl Carter


The People Of Hoggetowne

The Mayor: Ethan Ellis
Achlys the Assasin: Angela Bonacci
Armand Von Dangereuse: Jason Chambers
Baba Yaga: Candice Chambers
Birch the Woodsperson: Sara Greenberg
Deja: Kacie Bailey
Devra the Gypsy Dancer: Liya Davidova
Eve the Archer: Erin Honeycutt
Fiona of Ireland: Amber Scott
Hecate: Stephanie Tyson
Julie Daubigny: Jennifer White
Katrina: Alexa Morgan
Martin the Merc: John Bonacci
Renee: Hannah Kruger
Rudabaga: Edo Carter
Sverker the Berserker: Karl Seider
The Alchemist: Ryan Wolf
The Smith: Jarred Lassiter
Daveed the Gypsy Drummer: Lelon Vencil
Ulric the Undertaker: Scott Bauldree
Vu: Lucie Labrada

The French

King Louis: Alex Christophy
Dowager Queen Adelaide: Sommer Sharp
Duchess of Burgundy: McKayla Nelson
Duke of Atlantis: Augustus Paluzzi
Duke Reinhardt of Normandy: James Davis
Count Raymond of Toulouse: Jeremy Cutter
Countess Gertrude Humbert: Aja Dorsey
Marquis Drake Argent: Logan Ladnyk
Marquise Gwendolyn Argent: Ashley Baker
Lady Agatha: Chelsea Davis
Lady Agnes: Elizabeth Peters
Lady Madeline: Emmary Barnett
Lady Margaret: Carissa Coburn
Lady Noir: Rowan Housden
Lady Sybella: Katey Sands
Lord Mako Rutledge: Will Sands
Captain Jamie Morrison: McKayla Nelson
Dame Gal: Erin Stuckey
Dame Jacqueline: Jace Digby
Dame Joan: Shael Milhelm
Sir Reginald: John Bauldree
Sir Richard le Breton: Allan Lindsley

The Production Team:
Assist Director: Brandon Cotter
Director: Ryan Wolf
Assist Director: Lindsey McIntosh
Fight Choreographer: Allan Thompson
Fight Director: Sunshine Andrei
Fight Choreographer: Jarred Lassiter
Assistant FC: Ashley Baker
Assistant FC: Logan Ladnyk
Assistant FC: Jason Chambers
Assistant FC: Alex Christophy
Assistant Costumer: Echo Guertin
Costumer: McKayla Nelson
Assistant Costumer: Aja Dorsey
Assistant Costumer: Aja Ragasa
Assistant Costumer: Sophia Skoglund
Producer: Candice Chambers
Songsmith: Edo Carter
Assistant Producer: Miranda Lipsig
Quatermaster: Jon Akers
Special thanks to North Central Florida YMCA and Jo-Ann Fabrics
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Astounding Acts

BARELY BALANCED appears mysteriously to be both on the stage and off the wall

BIRDS OF THE GAUNTLET Falcons fly free – hide your turkey legs – Seriously

DAVINCI BROTHERS Leonardo’s older brother predicts a Renaissance

EMPTY HATS plays Celtic Music unplugged…but wired

GIACOMO THE JESTER famous for magic, ropewalking & extremely obnoxious behavior

GREENWOOD MORRIS DANCERS Olde English folk dancing olde English folk dances

GYPSY GUERRILLA BAND plays a stirring set on the hammered dulcimer and zither

HARPERS OF HOGGETOWNE offer a bevy of Celtic harpists in musical agreement

HISTORY ALIVE features the Teutonic Knights of the Haliburton Order

HISTORY OF ENTERTAINMENT teaches us that laughter heals in all ages

ISAAC FAWLKES, MAGICIAN now you see him…now you don’t…never halfway

JONGLEUR JUGGLERS amazing acts of hand/eye coordination whilst doing shtick

JUST DESSERTS are just what you deserve if you’ve been bad, I mean really bad

MAGIC & MAYHEM the name says it all, featuring the terrifying “Bunnies in Peril”


MEDIEVAL DANCE DEMONSTRATIONS presented by Society of Creative Anachronism and Thieves Guilde on Saturday/Sunday, 1:30 & Friday, 12;30

MUSICA VERA CONSORT is riding the new wave of Renaissance music

OOPS, THE KNIFE ACT is a harrowing example of genial incompetence


PAOLO GARBANZO  does many strange things in an unforgettable style

PROFESSOR DEWITT’S PUNCH & JUDY THEATER features tiny dramas at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 & 1:30

SAHNOBAR brings old Middle Eastern dance to ye Faire at Hoggetowne

SHERWOOD TALES are wonderful stories with fabulous costumes and…just maybe…you

SIBLING REVELRY features Great Scenes from Big Stories. You may star of be in the chorus

SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM armoured and rapier combat as in ye days of olde

ST. GEORGE MUMMERS keep alive an ancient act every bit as strange as Lady Gaga

THE NEW MINSTREL REVUE is a high energy band on the verge of absolute chaos

THE PUPPIES OF PENZANCE features a dog’s life on the high, medium and low seas

THE WAR OF THE ROSES SOLDIERS’ ENCAMPMENT offers a glimpse of military life in 1471

THE RAT CATCHER displays medieval fun with furry creatures against their will

TOPSY TURVY are remarkable and devastatingly talented, or so they say

YE CLASS JESTER a wise guy following his instincts and disrupts the entire peasant class

YE OLDE FLEA CIRCUS provides ancient vermin shtick and a Glass Harmonium